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Aaron likes to bounce.
Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Aaron bounces high.
Aaron bounces low.

Bounce, bounce, bounce,
watch Aaron go!
What if Abgail had a tail
and swished it all around?

She should could swat flies,
and pound it on the ground.
Astronaut Adam flies away
Astronaut Adam saves the day

Astronaut Adam is really brave
except when it is time to shave.
Adrian has a dump truck.
He plays with it every day.

He pushes the dirt from side to side,
playing from June to May.
Alejandro plays the piano,
He plays it very well.

"I'm a good singer" said Alejandro,
though none of his friends can tell.
Alex likes to play and shout.
Alex likes to jump about.

Alex likes to swing away,
on a lazy Saturday.
Alexa has a pretty dress,
It is white with blue trim.

Alexa has a hat to match,
It is blue with a white rim.
Alexander is a salamander,
he likes to read big books.

He is very small, tucked under there,
and gets very strange looks!
Alexandria has a doll,
she loves it very much.

She protects it from brother's stares,
and his sticky touch.
Alexis has a nice dress,
and shoes to match.

She had a parasol too,
that she uses to scratch.
Pretty Allison is a tomboy.
She likes to fight and cry.

She has such a pretty face,
too bad she has a black eye.
Alyssa can jump rope a hundred times,
she really is quite spry.

Except when she trips and falls,
then Alyssa begins to cry.
Amanda's toy panda was a mess.
She dragged it here and there.

Her mom tossed him in the washer,
and cleaned up Amanda's bear.
Amber had a sunny smile,
she really was quite fetching.

She had twinkling Amber eyes,
and her skirt and shoes were matching.
Andrea had a beautiful cat,
her fur was thick and blue.

She loved to be pet,
was big and fat...
what was a girl to do?
Sitting in a red race car.
Going around the track.

Was Andrew turning side to side,
on his father's back.
Angel had a red balloon,
it was tied to a string.

It moved lazily in the air,
with a slight little swing.
Angela liked chocolate,
especially chocolate chips.

Angela ate them day and night,
and it was all over her lips.
Anna always had a good time,
she loved to draw and paint.

Anna decided to paint the walls,
and made her momma faint.
Anthony had a bright green bike,
it had a shiny bell.

He rode it around and around,
getting dizzy until he fell.
Antonio played in the garden,
underneath the tomato plants.

He would sit and eat the fruit,
and stare at all the ants.
Ashley liked her radio,
she always had it around.

When playing hide and seek,
Ashley was always found.
Austin went to school all day.
He played soccer at night.

Austin practiced way after dusk,
then did his homework by moonlight.
Little Autumn sat by the fence,
waiting for her ride.

The breezes began to churn up,
and Autumn went inside.
Bailey had an all day sucker,
that she liked to lick.

Her brother wanted her pop,
and tried to play a trick.
Benjamin, Benjamin,
where is Benjamin?

Is he hiding behind the couch?
Is he hiding under the bed?

Come out and play instead.
Blake ate too much cake.

That was Blake's big mistake.
Brandon was a happy boy.
He liked to play outside.

Brandon jumped and sang along,
and skipped from side to site.
Breanna had a doll,
she named it Breanna Lou.

Her daddy bought her a new doll,
that she named Breanna too.
Brian loved to play football,
he tossed it to and fro.

When it is Brian's time to catch,
just yell "hike" and watch him go.
Briana sat by the window.
She watched the rain come down.

She wished she could play outside,
instead of sitting with a frown.
The snow was piling up,
as Brianna sat on her stool.

She couldn't wait for it to stop,
because there was no school.
Brittany was staring at the clouds.
She could do that all day.

She would stare for hours,
until the clouds went away.
Brooke sat in class,
sitting on her high stool.

Why must sit in front of the class...
it was all so cruel.
Bryan sat smiling,
drinking his soda pop.

He sat there sipping all day long,
and just wouldn't stop.
Bryce loved sticky jam.
He eats it whenever he can.

He ate peanut butter too,
but kept it separate from his goo.
Caitlin played jacks.
She played them very well.

Caitlin would do threesies,
until the school bell.
Caleb liked to play with planes.
He would fly them across the room.

Just watch him fly them up and down,
and hear him go zoooom!
Cameron liked to yell and scream.
His mom didn't know why.

He seemed like such a nice child.
Just why did he boom and cry?
Carlos was a painter.
he painted in bright hues.

He'd slather on the paint,
in reds and greens and blues.
Caroline was a gymnast,
who liked the pommel horse.

She could swing from side to side,
with great speed and great force.
Catherine sat in the tub,
she would 'til she was a prune.

It's getting late, it's time to go...
it will be bed time soon!
Charles went clothes shopping.
He went with his mom and pop.

His mom would pick out many outfits,
and all Charles wanted to do was stop.
Chase had a big furry dog,
he walked him every day.

Although to watch him go,
it looked the other way.
Cheyenne had a gerbil,
that liked to eat and sleep.

Cheyenne wanted a bigger pet,
but this one was easy to keep.
Chloe liked to play doctor,
she had a stethoscope.

She made mommy lie down,
and then gave her a poke.
Christian had a book bag,
he caried it everywhere he went.

It was packed so full of stuff,
you'd think it was made of cement
Lovely Christina sat on a hill top.

She watched the town,
from far above the ground,

and came for lunch in a hop.
Christopher played at the beach.
He grabbed all the sand he could reach.

Mom would sit there and preach,
"Do not eat the sand," she would teach.
Claire wanted to skate.
She though skating was great.

Skating wasn't her fate,
because Claire was late to skate.
Cody was moody,
he liked to frown.

No matter what you would do,
it could get Cody down.
Cole climbed to the tree top.
His mother screamed, for him to stop.

She thought he would flop,
and give Cole's head a big bop.
Connor fell and skinned his knee.

That made bump number three,
while his sister sat in glee.
Courtney sat in the first row.
Every answer she did know.

This made Courtney smile a lot,
for every question that she got.
Dakota didn't care one bit,
for her little sisters.

They would follow her all day long,
then complain about their blisters.
Dalton was a master cook,
he learned recipes from a book.

He fried the fish.
He made each dish.

Good food was his hook.
The dirt flew up in the air.
All the girls and boys would stare.

Daniel didn't care,
that he had soot in his hair.

But it was all Daniel's mom could bear.
Do tell, Danielle,
what do you smell?

Did your dog stink,
while you dressed it in pink?

The pink you are wearing as well.
David liked to sleep all day.
He listened to nothing I would say.

He would sit around and get all fat,
dreaming of mice, that darned cat.
Here comes Destiny,
with hair so shiny.

She looks so bouncy,
while riding her pony.
If Devin was a cow,
he would have eaten grass by now.

If Devin was a cat,
he'd chow down and get all fat.

But Devin was a boy,
chicken nuggets he would enjoy.
Dylan had a baseball cap,
it sported his favorite team.

He'd jump when the champs won,
then he'd run out of steam.
We had a party for Elijah,
it was a big surprise.

He walked in with his happy meal,
and tossed up all his fries.
Elizabeth was a pretty girl,
she primped and preened all day.

She'd brush her hair a thousand times,
and then flip it the other way.
Ella liked to play with a puzzle,
spreading it out on a table.

When she was bored,
down it all poured,
to build it again was no trouble.
Emily was very freckly,
she had bright red hair.

She tied it in a yellow bow,
and let all the boys stare.
Candy was dandy said the young lady.
Emma was a big fan of candy.

If you want to see her get rowdy, or moody, not howdy and dandy,
just take away her candy.
There was a magician named Eric,
fantastical spells were his gimmick.

In a puff of smoke,
he would make the crowd choke,
sending them off in a panic.
High in a tower was a maiden,
the bright and lovely Erin.

Out the window she'd stare,
for a prince to come there,

to release her from a prison.
Ethan wore a suit and tie,
he wore them every day.

A bit strange for a little boy,
go to school that way.
Evan watched TV day and night,
because of this, his mom would fight.

"TV's bad", she would explain.
Too much TV, will rot your brain!
Faith had a favorite meal,
she had it all the time.

Spaghetti and sauce she ate with zeal,
her face was full of the slime.
Riding on a skateboard,
doing tricks in the air.

They all adored Gabriel,
no one could compare.
You can find Gabriella in the kitchen,
cooking up a storm.

Just as the eggs are broken,
she prepares them tasty and warm.
Gabrelle was very pretty,
she made all the boys stare.

Gabrelle treated them all awfully,
dating her would be a nightmare.
Garrett always sat in the front seat,
whenever tests were scored.

Not to be a teacher's pet,
but just to see the board.
Down the street Gavin rode his bike.
Faster is what Gavin did like.

Around the corner he would strike.
Watch out for this little tike!
Looking up high and down low,
Under the bed. Where did Grace go?

Who's that under the cover I see,
it's little Grace, hiding from me.
Hailey likes berries... strawberries,
blueberries, blackberries too.

Hailey likes any berries you can chew.

Mash it into jam.
Squeeze 'em hard as you can.
Hailey likes berries, she's a real fan.
Haley gets pantsy antsy
when she is in school.

Haley acts beastly
when under mommy's rule

But Haley is so snuggly
when her doggie begins to drool.
Hannah loves to snack at lunch,
She love sounds that go 'crunch'.

Eating Hannah bananas by the bunch.
This little monkey loves to munch!
Henry played with his baby cousin,
he played with her all day long

They would run around and be all loud,
Then sing a little song.
He sits up tall in his booster,
Mommy says he is a good eater.

Summer. Fall or Winter,
always ready for a meal is Hunter.
Chew, chew, chew gum all day
Chew, chew, chew was Ian's way.

Bubble gum was here to stay.
Isaac played the clarinet,
he flew it around like a jet.

Isaac wasn't much for practicing,
he would much rather throw the thing.
All around she would yell, "Isabel".
Every paper would spell, "Isabel".

Everyone could tell,
her name was Isabel,

...but everyone called her Joyce.
Isabella loved to run.
She ran the track just for fun.

Isabella sped everywhere under the sun.
Mom, however wished she was done.
Isaiah had a thumb so green
He had the nicest flowers seen.

Making his flower garden glean,
Planting daisies with tulips between.
The joker in class was Jack.
Always ready with a wisecrack.

At school they put up a plaque...
To the joking kid on the attack.
Doing tricks was Jackson and his pup,
having a cowboy round up.

Each feat the croud would bravo.
The pup was good at holding the lasso.
Jacob had a little cat,
it was small and cuddly.

On Jacob's lap it sat,
looking very sleepy.
Jacqueline eats with her baby rabbit,
it sits all pink and white.

Together they share a piece of carrot,
the two are quite a sight.
Jada had a big old dog,
it's paws were long and wide.

She would climb up on his back,
and it would take her for a ride.
Jake lived across the street,
he was a smart little boy.

Seeing him was always a treat,
he always brought a toy.
There's a boy who loved the cold,
I think his name was James.

Forts of ice and snow he'd mold,
and inside play games.
Jared took a bath.
He took one every night.

At six he would go on the war path,
getting wet was always a fight.
Jasmine builds towers,
she builds them to the sky.

She plays alone for hours,
and her mom wonders why.
Jason could do lots of tricks,
tossing his yo-yo toy.

Swinging it around in whips,
and smiling while he'd destroy.
Jenna was my favorite cat
She would scurry on the floor.

I'd give he a little pat
and she'd run out the door.
Jennifer loved her make believe,
lots of stories she would weave.

She played in the clouds all day,
and dreamed the words she would say.
Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy,
where did that boy go.

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy
we looked for him high and low.
Jessie collects all kinds of bug,
He keeps them in a giant jug.

Jessie finds them in holes he dug,
and hides them under his rug.
Jessica is climbing into a box.
Jessica is pulling off her socks.

Jessica is on her feet.
Jessica is getting some cookies to eat.
Jesus had a favorite bear,
he traveled with him everywhere.

He'd dress him up and take good care,
together they were quite a pair.
John played in the rain,
he loved to get all wet.

John skipped up and down the lane,
splashing everyone he met.
Jonathan would bark and play.
Jonathan could run all day.

Jonathan is my favorite pup,
Jonathan's messes I clean up.
Jordan loves to watch cartoons,
he thinks they are really neat.

Jordan stares at the racing baboons,
while he sits on his seat.
When Jorge is in a bad mood,
he will kick, stomp and sing.

Jorge acts quite rude,
as he punches every thing.
Jose loved to play with eggs,
he would crack them on the floor.

He would fling them at his sister's legs,
and send her running out the door.
Joseph loved his comic books,
he would keep them in a row.

Joseph would get lots of looks,
as he stacked them head to toe.
Joshua liked to paint,
he stuck his fingers in the goo.

Joshua made his mother faint,
when he wiped it on his shoe.
Juan only eats 3 things,
he eats them every day.

No matter what his mother brings,
he always gets his way.
Julia had pretty hair.
All the boys would turn and stare.

Every day she had a different doo.
showing off a style that's new.
Julian collected rocks.
He kept them in his socks.

Julian keeps the red and blue kind,
as he leaves a trail of pebbles behind.
Drip, drip goes the rain as Justin stares.
Run into the drip, drip Justin dares.

Drip, drip soaks Justin as if he cares.
As rain comes down, drip, drip in pairs.
Katelyn was a chatty girl,
she would chit-chat with friends all day.

Around her, other kids would whirl,
and talk, talk, talk away.
Katherine made lots of noise.
She would click clack with all the boys.

Ringing her bell with lots of poise,
Katherine would bang all her toys.
Kathryn loved to skate.
On her skates she would never be late.

In school, at home, and at the mall,
she would zip around and never fall.
Katie likes to swim around,
the little castle she found.

Katie has pink pebbles on the ground,
swishing about without a sound.
Kayla digs in the dirt.
Deep holes she would dig.

Wiping hands on her skirt,
made her look like a pig.
Look up in the big tree,
sky high was Kaylee.

Climbing so she could see.
Far, far from you and me.
Beautiful Kelsey would spend the day,
picking flowers along the way.

To market where she would stay,
and practice her ballet.
Kenneth was so sad he cried.
He just stayed in his room to hide.

All his friends played outside,
while he told his mom he lied.
A pair of boys spied the oven.
Two cakes baked rising even,
for a duo both named Kevin.

One was four and one was seven.
Look at me,
my name is Kimberly.

Can't you see,
as I stand here awkwardly?
The boy named Kyle,
traveled about a mile,
with a big smile,
which took him a while.
Laura was the jump rope queen,
jumping more than anyone had seen.

Everyone wanted to be on her team,
when she got up a head of steam.
Lauren took cat photos all day long.
She would click away with a little song.

Picking up 5 cats, she was very strong,
they run away and she tags along.
Leah was as sweet little child
All the adults thought she was mild.

They look at her and she smiled.
They turn away and she went wild.
Leslie really wanted to fly,
and zip around as clouds went by.

Everyone would ask her why,
she would jump into the sky.
Logan was an angry fellow.
Around the town he would bellow.

One thing would make him mellow.
A big bowl of orange jello.
Lucas counts one-two-three.
He counts all he can see.

From every house to every tree,
he even counted you and me.
Luis was very shy,
big crowds made him cry.

Every day he would sigh,
when it was time to say good-bye.
Luke played in a big ball,
he would bounce it against a wall.

From inside he would crawl,
and pitter-patter down the hall.
Mackenzie has lots of hair.
Tossed around it would get everywhere.

All her friends would look and stare,
as she brushed it with care.
Madeline would always trip,
from even the slightest dip.

Falling down she would bang her lip,
with feet so big, it was easy to slip.
Having lots of fun,
laughing till she's the only one.

When everyone else was done,
there sat Madison.
Watch her play the game,
nobody was the same,
when she took aim.

Makayla was her name.
Maria took the ball for a whirl,
she was a sporty girl.

She jumped, hair in a curl,
and dunked the ball with a twirl.
Mariah hosts the party for tea.
She set places under the big tree.

Chairs were set up three by three,
and she left places for you and me.
Marissa would sing to the beat,
she thought her voice was a feat,
making everyone take a seat.

But all they wanted to do was retreat.
Sitting in the dark,
was a little boy named Mark.

He was afraid of the dark,
and would remark,
if I only had a spark.
The dress up queen was Mary.

One minute she was very scary,
the next she was a hairy Mary.

Sometimes she was even a pink fairy.
Mason would enjoy,
being the angry boy.

Every day he would destroy,
each and every toy.
Matthew has a blast,
whenever he was asked,
how his arm got in a cast,
because he went too fast.
For each and every ride,
Megan sat there and cried.

No matter how hard she tried,
she hated to be outside.
Melissa loved to nibble a bit,
between cookies and cake she was split.

If mom caught her she would have a fit,
but Melissa would not quit.
Mia has a dress-up set.
She uses it on her favorite pet.

The poor doggie would sit and sweat,
and think, "Are we done yet?"
Michael was very sly,
he would set a trap, sit and spy.

With a bucket set very high,
nobody would walk away dry.
Ask Michelle,
anyone could tell,

when she hears the bell,
her skills were swell.
Miguel liked to ride the train.
Mile after mile he would gain.

Traveling through sun, snow and rain,
come back tomorrow, do it again.
Molly ate a pizza pie.
She liked her cheese stacked high.

Any topping she would try,
but if she didn't like it, she would cry.
Morgan rode on a big sled,
swooshing around as a blur of red.

She swiped a tree and hit her head,
then lay in snow, with arms spread.
Natalie loved to ski.
Riding the slopes she wanted to be.

On snow she felt free,
to slide down the mountain with glee.
Nathan was always late.
Morning or night we would wait.

Why did Nathan have this trait?
We found out he couldn't walk straight.
Nathaniel would dance the cha-cha.
Singing along he would la-la.

All the girls would go ga-ga.
As Nathaniel danced with his ma-ma.
Nicholas took a trip,
aboard a great big ship.

Nicholas took a dip, and did a flip,
while taking a sip.
Walking along was little Nicole,
who took a nice long stroll,

past a scary old troll,
who lived in a hole.
Noah had a great big meal,
of a burger as big as a wheel.

It was a great deal,
if you had a stomach of steel.
Olivia would plant many flowers.
She could sit and dig for hours.

Planting lots of red and green hues,
they would sparkle yellows and blues.
Standing in the spotlight was Paige,
doing a song and dance on the stage.

All her friends and family will clap,
as she did a soft shoe tap.
Patrick would go out at night,
he would always bring a flashlight.

It would make the park nice and bright,
so he could fly his kite.
Sitting on top of the wall,
was a little boy named Paul.

For hours he would sit and bawl,
because Paul did not want to fall.
Rachel rode a pogo stick.
She got to school very quick.

She would pogo around very high,
and watch the other kids go by.
Rebecca would cook all day.
She could cook chicken any way.

Rebecca would fry, boil and saute,
and bring it out on a silver tray.
Richard would go up and down,
and smile like a funny clown.

Richard would love to go up high,
and raise his arms so he could fly.
Robert had fancy hair,
it was shiny and very rare.

All the girls would sit and stare,
and think it wasn't fair.
Look at Ryan putting on a show,
pulling a flower and making it grow.

He used a magic wand to make it glow.
How he did it we will never know.
Sabrina was up very late.
Her bedtime was half past eight.

Sabrina thought it would be great,
if her bedtime could wait.
Samantha was a friend to every pet,
she would pet every animal she met.

Hugging and kissing any she could get.
She would squeeze a lizard on a bet.
Samuel was oh so cool.
He would sit out by the pool.

Other boys would think he was a fool,
when he sat there instead of in school.
Sara's favorite color was pink.
Lemonaide was her favorite drink.

Sara would sit and drink and think,
how the color pink didn't stink.
Savannah had bright white socks,
that she filled with lots of rocks.

She's stomp around and make noise,
to get the attention of the boys.
Sean had a little boat,
he's sit on the dock and watch it float.

Into the water and watch it go,
where it ends up Sean didn't know.
Sebastian had curly hair,
the curls got everywhere.

Every place Sebastian would go,
He would need to toss them to and fro.
Seth could count one - to - four,
and count all through the door.

Seth would sit low on the floor,
and count the feet and wait for more.
Shelby had a pet duck,
who would wattle around and cluck.

Silly bird got very stuck,
that it wasn't a chicken was his luck.
Sophia would skateboard in the park,
doggies would follow her and bark.

They would yap away,
chasing her all day,
and follow Sophia into the dark.
Spencer had a favorite team.

He would watch it and scream,
with a big head of steam,
and eat a bowl of ice cream.
Stephanie would brush her hair,
and twist it with flair.

While her sister would stare,
and glare at the chair.
Stephen had big floppy shoes.
They were the only shoes he would use.

Stephen wore them and snooze,
everyone knew who's shoes to lose.
Steven would fight mom's wrath,
when he wouldn't take a bath.

Steven loved to be covered in dirt.
You could not tell if he wore a shirt.
Sydney loved a treat.

Treats that are sweet,
her favorite thing to eat.

She would share them with everyone
she would meet.
Tanner would chew lots of gum.
Chewing gum is tons of fun.

A big bubble Tanner would blow,
when it would pop, he wouldn't know.
Taylor had bare feet.
He would walk the house and the street.

When Taylor's toes would start to stink,
he would stick them in the sink.
Where did Thomas hide his shoes?

He found the left without clues.
The right however he did lose.
Tiffany had a cup of tea.
Sipping from china dutifly.

Raising her hand she made a plea,
asking for cookies for you and me.
Swinging from a great big tree,
was a boy named Timothy.

All the kids would run and flee,
when Timothy would fly free.
Trevor was clever,
whatever the endeavor.

He was all so smart,
whatever his part.
Trinity had dolls of three,
trailing where she would go.

Trinity would plainly see,
as she would move so slow.
Tyler was very handy,
every job would get him candy.

Finishing every task with glee.
He would say that's more candy for me.
Vanessa ate a big meal,
she got it for a good deal.

Vanessa cleaned her plate,
and was surprised at how much she ate.
Victor had a big balloon.
He tied it to his pet raccoon.

Victor's pet flew to the moon,
and did not come down until noon.
Victoria played a big drum,
and let out a little hum.

She blasted it with a big bang,
and hit the symbol with a loud clang.
William was very bright,
much to his mom's delight.

He would be up every night,
and study his work by candlelight.
Zachary's job was to cut the grass.
He would leave this job to the last.

Zachary hated his outdoor chores,
and would rather play indoors.
Zoe loved to cause a scene,
standing around nice and mean.

Every day a great big fuss,
getting on the school bus.
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